A New Life … a poem

A New Life


Near death or there I am not sure,

New fear like none I’d ever known.

No time before or since I’ve seen;

All Heaven and Hell inside of me.


A vision seen of which I’m clear,

A field of Angels, to me, appeared.

Battles fought and my soul torn;

But, for God’s Grace, I was reborn.


Shaking from my near escape,

Call it Nature, Will or Fate.

What I know now is How I live;

A purpose, plan, a gift to give.


Now, on this day, I hold a thought,

My life is worthy and has use.

With Love and Patience, Honesty;

I feel I have new Faith in me.


Now God’s Will I can always trust,

His messenger through daily prayer.

I meditate to hear God’s Way…

For “Thy Will Be Done,” I live Today.