About service work

This article is going to try to answer the classical questions of, Who, What, When, Where and Why, about service work. I’m going to speak from my experience and beliefs. Service is a very important part of my life. Life is not complete without service.

Who: Who should perform service?

Everyone, Period! There are no special cases; there is no one that is exempt. Everyone should give to others. Everyone no matter how high or low has someone with less who needs help. Having less does not mean money. Someone who has less hope, joy or sprit needs your help.

What: What should I do for service?

Use your talents to your best. Give of yourself. Money is great to give, but it does not give of yourself. The old adage of “give man a fish and he can eat today, teach a man to fish and can eat forever” is very true. Most times a “hand up” is better then a “hand out”. If you feel there is nothing you can give, Wrong. Get to a meeting a little early and help setup, stay a little late and help cleanup. We are talking about 15 minutes out of your life. It is a start down the path of service work.

When: When should I do service?

We all have our lives and our schedules. Service work should not break down your life. Helping others should not hurt you. No matter how full and busy our lives are there is always time. The time you give to others is not lost time. Can’t you really videotape that TV show every week while your leading a meeting and then watch it later? Can’t we all give up that lazy Saturday morning once a month to help others?

Where: Where should I do service?

What is needed that fits your skills? Where is that needed in your area? You don’t have to go to South America or Africa to do service. Every community has those who need help. Help at a local beginners meeting, a shelter, a park or hospital. You can even do service in your home. Sponsorship is a form of service. Lead a group in your home, do a bible study, do administrative work for a charity on your home PC, organize a food or clothing drive.

Why: Why should I do service?

This is the big one. Once the why is answered within you, when you know this answer in your soul all the other questions get answered easily. For myself it is very easy. How can I ask others for help, understanding and compassion if I don’t give help, understanding and compassion to others? How can I ask God for help, guidance and strength if I don’t give help, strength and guidance to others? James chapter 2 verses 14 thru 26 lay this out very well, “Faith without good deeds is dead”. All of us put faith in God and the program to help us. If we do not carry out action based on our faith do we really have faith? We have learned that to believe is not enough. We must put our beliefs into action. For the individual they must follow the steps. The steps are actions. Taking what we have been given and then giving it to others is an action. It is a necessary part for us to continue on our journey. The saying “We can only keep what we have by giving it away” is very true.