On Campus Meetings

*** All Current On Campus Meetings are closed for the time being. The health of all is a Serous Issue. This will be re-evaluated as the situation changes. Please check back for any updates. *** 


Please Note:

Support groups at Ridgeview Institute are only open to individuals and/or families dealing with the particular issue related to each support group. Our groups are not open to observance by students or reporters at any time. Please respect the privacy and confidentiality of individuals attending such groups.


   6:45pm Emotions Anonymous (Rms 1&2)

   7:00pm Overeaters Anonymous (Rm 10)

   8:00pm AA Big Book Study (Auditorium)

   8:00pm Alanon (Rms 1&2)


    7:15pm Emotions Anonymous (Rm 3)

   7:00pm Gamblers Anonymous (Rm 7)

   7:45pm SLA (Rm 11)

         (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous)

   8:00pm AA meeting (Auditorium)


   6:00pm AA meeting – Men only (Rms 1&2)

   7:15pm Emotions Anonymous (Rms 1&2)

   7:30pm Sex Addicts Anonymous (Rm 13)

   8:00pm Marijuana Anonymous (Auditorium)


   6:00pm CODA – step meeting (Rm 11)

        (Codependents Anonymous)

   7:00pm CODA meeting (Rm 11)

   7:15pm Emotions Anonymous (Auditorium)

   8:00pm Cocaine Anonymous – ‘Clean & Free’ (Rms 1&2)

   8:00pm Nar-Anon meeting (Rm 10)


   6:30  ACA meetings (Rms 1 & 2) 3rd Fri. of month

        (Adult Children of Alcoholics “Feelings Release”)

   7:45  “First Friday” Speaker Meeting (Auditorium)

           1st Friday of every month (except holidays)

   8:00 Narcotics Anonymous (Rms 1&2)


   11:00am  AA meeting – Men only (Rms 1&2)

   11:00am  AA meeting – Women only (Auditorium)

   7:30pm  Relationships in Recovery -12 step ( 1&2)


   10:30am Narcotics Anonymous (Rms 1&2)

   10:30am AA meeting – ‘Crossroads’ (Auditorium)

   2:00pm  ACA meeting (Rms 1&2, also 3 if needed)

           (Adult Children of Alcoholics)

    4:30pm Emotions Anon. – Step Study (Rms 1&2)

    5:30pm Emotions Anon. –Women only (Rms 1&2)

    6:30pm Emotions Anonymous (Rms 1&2)

    8:00pm Cocaine Anonymous – ‘Ridgeview 805’ (Rms 1&2)

***Location:  ALL meetings listed are located in the DAY HOSPITAL***

3995 South Cobb Drive  Smyrna, Georgia 

Ridgeview Institute Ph: 770-434-4567