On Campus Meetings


7:00pm OEA Day Hosp. RM 10
7:00pm Emotions Anonymous Day Hosp. Rms 1 & 2
8:00pm Cocaine Anonymous Pro North – Sam Anders Room
8:00pm A.A. Big Book Study Day Hosp. – Auditorium
8:00pm Alanon Day Hosp. Rm 1 & 2


7:00pm ANAD Day Hosp. Rm 5
7:15pm Emotions Anonymous Day Hosp. Rm #3
7:30pm Gamblers Anonymous Day Hosp. Rm 10


6:00pm Men’s Night Out-AA Pro North – Sam Anders Room
7:15pm Emotions Anonymous Day Hospital – Rooms 1 & 2
8:00pm C.A. Big Book Study Pro North- Sam Anders Room


7:15pm Emotions Anonymous Day Hospital- Rooms 1&2
8:00pm RR 12-Step mtg. Day Hosp. Auditorium


7:45pm Alumni 1st Friday Speak mtg Day Hosp. Auditorium
(1st FRIDAY of every month) *NOTE on Holiday Weekends the meeting may be 1 week later in the month.


11:00am Men’s A.A. Meeting Day Hosp. – Rooms 1 & 2
11:00am Women’s A.A. Meeting Day Hosp. – Auditorium
11:00am E.A. Step Study Pro North – Sam Anders Rm
7:30 pm Relationships in Recovery Pro North-Sam Anders Rm


10:00am Spirituality Day Hosp. – Auditorium
11:15am Crossroads mtg. Day Hosp. – Auditorium
5:30 pm Emotions Anonymous Day Hosp. Rooms 1 & 2 (Women Only)
6:30 pm Emotions Anonymous Day Hosp. Rooms 1 & 2
8:00pm 12-Step Speaker mtg. Day Hosp. – Auditorium
8:00pm Cocaine Anonymous Day Hosp.- Rooms 1 & 2